FATAL ERROR when upgrading to WLS 10.3.3

In one of my last posts (https://tompeez.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/upgrade-an-existing-wls-10-3-2-to-wls-10-3-3/) I talked about the process of upgrading an existing WLS 10.3.x server to version 10.3.3.
One minor bug or glitch came up when I tried the procedure on one of the customers WLS servers.
Right befor the upgrade process starts we got a ‘FATAL ERROR’ from the installer. No log where written, nothing unusual I could think of.
After trying it out a couple of times, the last try I used JRockit instead of the configured Sun JDK and bingo I got an error message too. The big difference this time it told me that the free space on one of the partitions was too small.
Removing some old stuff from the partition solved the problem.

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