Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g reports security error when starting a managed server

After testing the new Oracle WLS 10.3.3 for a while, I found out that starting a managed server in the Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g failed with

[Security:090504]Certificate chain received from localhost – failed hostname verification check. Certificate contained rn360-a1-20 but check expected localhost

Interestingly I don’t get this error when taking a managed server down using EM11g.

Searching the web I found this solution:

This Document shows one solution is to set a JAVA_OPTION in your file:

After a restart of the server all errors are gone.

Still, I like to know why it worked before the upgrade.  I keep digging …

ed before the upgrade.  I keep digging …

05-09-2010 Follow up:

It turned out that the new WLS not only reports security errors but looses the connection to the managed servers if you change stuff like jdbc connections declared in the domain.

In the first part of this post I tried to turn off the host name verification, but got it only half. To turn the verification off one need to set two different switches in different places:

Node Manager: -Dweblogic.nodemanager.sslHostNameVerificationEnabled=false
(In Nodemanager JAVA_OPTIONS)

Admin Server:
(In Server’s JAVA_OPTIONS)

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