Read Only Filter Table with Sort

Just to help somebody out on OTN I made a small demo app to show how to set up a read only ADF table with filter and sort.
The app uses the default HR schema. The Model project contains a VO EmpRoView which is based on a SQL query (select * from Employees) to get its data.
The view controller project has only one page which shows the resulting ADF table. You can enter e.g. ‘<4000' in the salary filter field and hit 'enter' to see the filter working.
The resulting workspace can be downloaded here After downloading the file you have to remove the ‘.doc’ from the filename!

The workspace is build with JDev but works an 11.1.2 too.

4 thoughts on “Read Only Filter Table with Sort

    • Adrian,
      I never tried to do this, but it should be possible. You need to overwrite the filter listener of the table which do the filtering for you (by calling the underlying VO). In your case you have to do the filtering yourself. Check out sample #30 ‘How-to intercept and modify table filter values’ on (scroll down to the samples. The sample will show you how to work with the filter values.
      If you use a WS you can pass on the values to get filtered data.
      On other thing to try is to use programmatic VO where you push the data into the VO from any source you have. Still you have to do the filtering yourself.


  1. i am working on ejb model, with namedQueries including parameters, in the data Control i have an operation ExecuteWithParams (which includes parameters)

    if i use this operation to get data in a filtarable table, filter is not working (no data is shown when trying to filter)

    • User, please ask this question on the OTN JDeveloper forum. The question is not directly related to the blog entry.

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