Using diferent VOs for Master Detail Navigation (the Declatative Way)

A user on the OTN forum asked a question how to do a master detail like navigation where the master VO is not equal to the detail VO and no accessors or link is available between the tow VOs.

A use case for this scenario is e.g. you have a read only table as master which holds an attribute which is the foreign key to an other table (the master table has a FK to the detail you like to change). In the sample I’m talking about in this blog I used the HR schema, the employees table as master and the the department as detail. I show how to use the employees as read only table, select an employee to edit the department the employee is assigned to.

Here is the data model of the sample:

Data Model

Data Model

As you can see there are no view links defined which could be used to navigate from the employee to the related department.

I’ll do all this the declarative way, so I don’t use a bean or other Java code. I use a bounded task flow and start with a query panel with the read only employees table. Each row shows the id of the employee, the name and the department id. I add a button to the department id of each row and use this to navigate to the departments edit page. Here you see the running app, the query panel which I used to select employees records and the button which I added to the department is column.

Start Screen

Start Screen

I used a button here because of an error in this version (11.1.2) of jdev which prevent the table from selection the current row when you just hit a link in a row. Frank Nimphius provided a workaround for this here:JDeveloper 11.1.2 : Command Link in Table Column Work Around. A click on the ‘Department’ button for ‘Jannette King’ will navigate to Department ’80’ which is editable

Select a Department from the Table and Edit Department

Select a Department from the Table and Edit Department

The work flow is implemented as shown below:

Work Flow

Work Flow

As you see the whole work is done in bounded task flow which first presents the query panel together with the resulting employees table (read only). The column ‘Department ID’ shows the button I use to navigate to the editable departments page. As there is no view link, it’s not enough to select the employees row to mark it as current row. I have to extract the department id from the selected row and use this to search for the department before showing the departments edit page.

I store the department id in a page flow scope variable named ‘#{pageFlowScope.depKey}’. If you like you can store the value of the department id elsewhere e.g. in the variables iterator of the page binding. To extract and store the value I use a af:setPropertyListener which allows to react on the action of the button and transfer the value to page flow scope variable. Here is the code of the department id column:

                            <af:column sortProperty="#{}"
                                       id="resId1c4" width="114">
                                <af:outputText value="#{row.DepartmentId}" id="ot5">
                                    <af:convertNumber groupingUsed="false"
                                <af:commandButton text="ShowDepartment" id="cb2" action="showDep">
                                    <af:setPropertyListener from="#{row.DepartmentId}"

The button action navigates to he method call ‘SetCurrentRowWithKeyValue’ in the bounded task flow. This method I dragged from the data control palette from the DepatermetnsView1 operation onto the bounded task flow definition page

SetCurrentRowWithKeyValue from DepartmentsView1

SetCurrentRowWithKeyValue from DepartmentsView1

The method searches the department using the the value stored in the page flow scope variable. The dialog below opens automatically when you drop the method on the task flow and lets me enter the key value to search for:

setCurrentRowWithKeyValue  Edit Action Binding

setCurrentRowWithKeyValue Edit Action Binding

Here is the pagedef file for the method call:

PageDef of setCurrentRowWithKeyValue Method

PageDef of setCurrentRowWithKeyValue Method

After the search the current row is set in the DepaertmensView1 and I can navigate to to the edit page. That’s about it.

You can download the sample work space from here Sample Workspace blogmasterdetaildeclarative_v2-zip. You have to rename the file to ‘.zip’ after download!

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