JDEV Using router to conditionally set navigation target

Interesting question came up on OTN ADF froum.
You have one page (page2) which is called from two other pages (page1 and page3). The question is how to set up the navigation in page2 so that you have only on button (back) which gets you back to the page the user navigated from to page2?

There is more then one solution to this problem. In this blog entry I show the declarative solution, so no java code is used. Here is adfc-config.xml which shows the navigation:

Router Back Navigation

Router Back Navigation

This is a simple navigation where the user can navigate from Page1 or Page3 to Page2. Page2 uses only one navigation case ‘back’ and let the router decide where to go. To make this happen, the button which navigates from Page1 to Page2 needs to store a hint ‘1’ in pageFlowScope which the router can check to decide where to go to. For this I add a af:setPropertyListener to store the hint in pageFlowScope. You don’t need a bean to store the value as the storage for the value is set up automatically.

                        <af:commandButton text="Page 2" id="cb1" action="page12">
                            <af:setPropertyListener from="#{'1'}" to="#{pageFlowScope.backTarget}"

The same technique is used in Page3 to store the hint ‘3’ in pageFlowScope

                        <af:commandButton text="Page 2" id="cb1" action="page32">
                            <af:setPropertyListener to="#{pageFlowScope.backTarget}" type="action"

Finally the magic is done in the router. Here the value which is stored in pageFlowScope variable ‘backTarget’ is checked and hte correct navigation target is used for the back navigation. Below is the source of the router, the design view is shown in the first picture.

  <router id="backRouter">
    <case id="__12">
      <expression>#{pageFlowScope.backTarget eq '1'}</expression>
    <case id="__13">
      <expression>#{pageFlowScope.backTarget eq '3'}</expression>

When you run the sample you start from Page1 and navigate to Page2 you see the output text which shows the content of the pageFlowScope variable, ‘1’ in this case.

Navigation from Page1 to Page2

Navigation from Page1 to Page2

If the user navigates from Page3 to Page2 the output looks like

Navigation Page3 to Page2

Navigation Page3 to Page2

the output text shows ’3′ in this case.

You can download the sample application which is build using JDeveloper from here BlogRouterBackNavigation.zip.
Please rename the file to ‘.zip’ after downloading it!
The sample don’t use any db connection and should be runnable on older JDeveloper versions too.


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