JDeveloper Stumbled uppon this Gem

I don’t know why I never seen this before, but I like to share this (for me) hidden gem in the JDeveloper IDE.
If you debug often I’m sure you like the possibility to change breakpoints so that they only hit under special conditions. In the older version you have to right click the breakpoint to get to the dialog to change the breakpoint conditions.

Old Breakpoint Edit Dialog

Old Breakpoint Edit Dialog

Well, today I happen to notice that using the current JDev if you move the mouse over a breakpoint and wait for half a second you get this ‘Hoover’ edit breakpoint dialog.

New Hoover Edit Breakpoint Dialog

New Hoover Edit Breakpoint Dialog

The old dialog (which allows to reach all possible changes) can be reached as before using a right mouse click on the breakpoint.

For more information about how to manage breakpoints refer to the docs here.

Have fun playing with this.

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