JDeveloper aka Fusion Middleware 11gR1 – Patch Set 5 is available: First Impression

Tweets, blogs articles are coming from all directions as the next ‘bug fix’ release of JDeveloper has gone public.

I’ll skip the download and install stuff for now, as there are some posts on this already. First thing I normally do is to read *all* documentation (just kidding). Well, I at least read the Release Notes and What’s New documents.

First thing which caught my eyes was the Deployment section. Here I find that JDev internally uses a WebLogic Server of version 10.3.5. Still we need to set up an WLS 10.3.6 instance for testing as the next sentence states:

If you want to configure a WebLogic Server 10.3.6 domain to test an ADF application , you will need to install WebLogic Server 10.3.6 and use the 10.3.6 JRF template to add the ADF runtime libraries.

To verify this I installed JDev, deployed my ADF Version WebService onto the freshly build integrated WLS instance:

JDev integrated WLS instance

JDev integrated WLS instance

and here is the result of the ADF Version printout

ADF Version JDev integrated WLS instance

ADF Version JDev integrated WLS instance

This made me think about the convention that applications developed with JDev version 11.1.1.x should run on a WLS version 10.3.x, where x should be equal for JDev and WLS. This statement still is true (I guess) for all environments beside JDev development.

I’ll hope we don’t find a use case where this WLS version mismatch is the cause of error.

Chris Muir blogged about this version mismatch between JDev and WLS here https://blogs.oracle.com/onesizedoesntfitall/entry/adf_runtimes_vs_wls_versions