JDeveloper: Looking for Samples or Best Practices on ADF?

Did you ever had the problem that you needed a sample for a specific problem, e.g. how to build a LOV or how to build a custom filter for a af:table? Or some in depth information about ADF?

If you can answer ‘No’, skip the rest of the post…

My guess is that everyone sometimes is looking for a sample. You know you have seen one on the web, but can’t remember exactly where.
Today, looking for a sample :), I stumbled upon this side: Oracle Application Development Framework Best Practices

I’ve been on this side a couple of times before, but never registered the

Search for Samples

Search for Samples

search field on the page. This is a very useful feature as it allows to search over many resources at one place, without the many useless hits you get by using standard web search. Just enter one ore more key world and search…

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