Changing OTN Notification E-Mail Address (aka Username)

Lately my old web provider told me that he discontinued his service. So I was forced to change my OTN notification e-mail address or username which still used this old provider.
After reading some thread about this, I was not exactly thrilled to do this. Well, there was nothing I could do about it so I decided to ask support how I could minimize the risk of loosing my identity. You find the OTN account help here. It’s hidden in the ‘GETTING HELP ON LOGIN ISSUES’ section as link ‘Submit a help request’.
Now that it seams that the change went well for myself I like to share the procedure given from the ‘Oracle Profile Helpdesk’:

You may update/change the email address associated to your Oracle account by following the steps below:

1) Delete browser cookies, Close and re-open a new browser window.
2) Go to, which will take the user to Single Sign On page. Login using your account credentails.
3) Click “Change Username” link on the top right hand corner of the page and a pop up box will appear.
4) Now Type the password of the account for Current Password field, type the new email address (which you want the account to be associated) for New Username field and Similarly type the same email address for Confirm New Username field and Click “Change” button.

That’s easy enough and worked out OK.


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