DOAG Development Conference, JDeveloper 12c New Features

Yesterday, 14th June 2012, the first DOAG Developer Conference to place in Bonn, Germany. Among the many sessions one hosted by Frank Nimphius revealed new features for the upcoming major release of JDeveloper 12c. As the version is still in development there is no guarantee that all features he talked about are in when we get 12c. Nevertheless I like to mention some of the features. The list I present here is not the full list as there are way too much to mention them all.

    • GlassFish will be a supported server
    • Pretty URL: URLs of applications will be more human readable, aka we don’t see the state tokens any longer
    • IDE window system is based on NetBeans code
    • New Wizzards to create OSGI Extension. Most code to wire the extension up is generated, we only need to add code to some methods.
    • No need to deploy an extension. It can be tested and run right out of JDeveloper 12c
    • Full Maven Support with Hudson integration: ojdeploy plugin for Maven
    • Better RESTservice support
    • Groovy debugger: allows to set breakpoints in Groovy code and see the attributes like in normal java debugger
    • EL2.2 support: methods with parameters possible
    • write EL direct in the page without the need of an af:outputText
    • faster page loading: use of CSS3, HTML5 and smaller JavaScript size allows faster page loading
    • JDev helps to (manually) convert jspx to jsf pages. You need to do it manually but get hints or work lists on what to do
    • Multi file upload component together with a nice looking progress window (popup)
    • ‘Placeholder’ watermarks for inputText components
    • New component to edit code: like the rich text editor but for code
    • Templates can not only be used, but copied into your project to allow easier manipulation
    • More help to find out which skin selectors a component uses
    • All button and link components are put together in on ‘magicButton’ component (thanks Chris for the name). The old components are still available.
  • There was plenty more which I couldn’t write down in the short time. Let’s see when DOAG provide the slides. I’ll add more info then.

    3 thoughts on “DOAG Development Conference, JDeveloper 12c New Features

    1. Thanks for the article. I know Glassfish supports ADF Essentials. Are you saying full blown ADF will be supported on Glassfish?

      • No, I don’t say that as I don’t know if this will ever happen. The post is about a year old and it look like only ADF Essentials will be supported on Glassfish.

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