Attend ADF EMG Day at OOW 12!

As we all know OOW 2012 is coming up at September 30 – October 4, 2012. Still time to register, book a flight and accommodation 🙂

Well, there are those of us who can’t attend the OOW this year (like myself). For all women and men who can’t make it in person it’s nice to have some first hand information right from the sessions. This is where all the attendees come to play. You can help us with your eyes, ears and fingers. Visit sessions and share information via twitter or write a blog (short or long) to share information.

I’m specially interested in the ADF EMG one day of sessions. Please visit

The Year After the Year of the ADF Developer – the ADF EMG at OOW 2012

and share your thoughts. The ADF EMG day is packed with interesting sessions and are a chance to meet with some community leaders in the JDeveloper and ADF area as well as other people interested in this technology.

The ADF EMG is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for Oracle JDeveloper ADF enterprise development. This effort is an overall part of getting ADF experts, advocates and programmers to start collaborating. I encourage all you you to help the ADF EMG by attending a session on October 1st, as it shows interest in the very good work the group has done and will do in the future.

And don’t forget to tell us about it!

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