JDeveloper 11gR1 Bug in Tuning Node of ViewObject

Today I came across a bug in the tuning node of ViewObjects in JDeveloper 11gR1 (meaning all 11.1.1.x versions). For a prove of concept I played with the tuning options available for ViewObjectes in JDeveloper. The following image shows the the default tuning node of a ViewObject (it doesn’t matter if it’s based on an EntiyObject or not):

Default Tuning Node

Default Tuning Node

As I tested some options I eventually switched to the ‘Only up to row number’ radio button which enables the input field for the number of rows:

Tuning for '...up to row number'

Tuning for ‘…up to row number’

Nothing special there. Now if you delete the number (default is 10)

Delete Number from Field

Delete Number from Field

and ‘tab’ out of the input field, or click on any other field, you get an error dialog telling you that ‘(null) is not a valid fetch size value’.

Error Dialog

Error Dialog

OK, this is correct, but if you hit the OK button or the ‘x’ to close the dialog to put the number back in the dialog stays open, you can’t close it. You don’t get a chance to put the number back into the field. A first I had to kill JDeveloper through the task manager (I did that a couple of times ;)) until I found the following workaround:
            hit the Esc key
you may need to do this multiple times, but the dialog closes eventually and the last number is back in the input field.

This bug is fixed in the current JDeveloper 11gR2 ( version!

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