JDeveloper about to go public

First signs of the new version of JDeveloper are popping up on the web.
Edwin Biemond, Luc Boer and Wilfried vander Deijl posted some new features and components like code editor, new DVT components, and new SOA stuff.
I like to point out a feature we, or at least me, where waiting on for a long time:
inputFile in multi file mode

Multi File Upload in Action

Multi File Upload in Action

this comment allowed uploading multiple file at once using a nice modern looking canvas.
As there is no official download available on the official JDeveloper page at the time of writing, you can
explore the new components and features using the Component demo yourself.
This new version looks very promising. Can’t wait to install it and try out some of the new stuff like InsertTextBehavior and Code Editor, even if I’m not  sure of a use case right now.
This will be a fun Easter weekend!

UPDATE 30-03-2013:
Look like there is no GIT support bundled in this (unofficial) version JDEVADF_11.


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