JDeveloper Available

Last Friday the first signs that the long waited for JDeveloper will be available soon were found on the web. Today, April 1st, you can download JDeveloper from the OTN side.
Now that the Release Notes and What’s New documents are available, I looked at some fixws and new features.
I’m glad to see especially these fixes and new features:

ADF Faces and Data Visualization (DVT)

Skyros Skin: Skyros Skin

    A new look and feel that incorporates current UI visual design trends (flat, rather than dimensional, reduced gradients, reduced borders, light and or white colors with splashes of color). This skin family uses CSS3 for gradients, drop shadows, rounded corners etc. in comparison to the fusion skins that use background images. Making this skin modern, lightweight, and easy to skin.

Pivot Table Enhancements:

    Ability to always display layer headers
    Ability to wrap header labels
    An API to control the percentage of screen real estate allocated to the header region

Table Enhancements:

    Support for freezing the right most columns in a table so that a scroll bar appears on the left side of the frozen columns.

File Upload Enhancements:

    Support chunked file transfer for large file uploads
    Support for multiple file upload using HTML5 UI where available, and non-HTML5 with java applet. Includes a Drag and Drop interface and a progress bar.

ADF Model

Support complex types in service based EOs: Allow attributes of complex types to be exposed in Service-Based EOs.

The next couple of days I’ll spend checking fixes and new features.

Please read the ‘Release Notes’ and ‘What’s new’ documents (linked at the start of the post) for the complete list of enhancements and bug fixes.

17 thoughts on “JDeveloper Available

  1. Esonerdene, it seems some new features and components are cool. Hope that less bug from Anyway thanks for post.

  2. Hello Timo,
    Do you know anything about I´m using it and i would like to know about the new features.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi, Timo.

    I really liked the new feature, especially skyros skin. Will these features included in or release)? Or can we use the skin of in

    And is there any news/info/doc about (what its feature and when will be get public) ?

    Thanks, Ider.

  4. Hi !
    Since I am unable to update to from instalation on weblogic server (after upgrade all applications fail to start and patches no longer work -Patch “14582286” is not needed since it has no fixes for this Oracle Home.) , please advise me how to run skyros skin in……

      • Thanks for the info Timo, but that’s a bit dissapoiting. Our production environment is configured for and we have many applications already running on it (which don’t require SOA etc). So basically I would have to install a completely new domain to use the new features of, just for a new skin and some bugfixes from (over which patches still work). Seems I won’t be upgrading very soon. Any chance that these features will be contained in 12c ADF ? (both and together)

      • It’s not only that you have to install a new domain, but you have to back port your UI to if you have used JSF2.0 (which I guess you have).
        You have to wait for and see what comes in this version. I can’t comment on this as I’m not an Oracle employee. However, 12c should have all the features which are now in 11.1.1.x and 11.1.2.x versions as 12c brings them both back together. No guarantee for that!

  5. Is there any documentation in terms of which HTML5 features are supported in Oracle ADF?

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