Installing JDeveloper from the Generic Installer Jar on 64bit Windows System

If you have installed JDev lately, which I strongly recommend, you may have noticed, that the windows installer jdevstudio11117install.exe still ships with jdk160_24. Please don’t ask why Oracle don’t includes a JDk 1.7, I don’t know.
Well, it’s time to use JDK1.7 on my WIn7x64 system so I loaded hte jdevstudio11117install.jar which is a lot bigger (1.9GB) but comes without a bundeld JDK. As I have already installed JDK 1.7.0_17 on my system I pointed the installation to this jdk when I asked during the installation.
Everything went smooth and i took only a couple of minutes to install JDev and generate the embedded WLS 10.3.5 instance.

However, when I tried to start the embedded WLS instance I got the following error message

*** Using port 7101 ***
[waiting for the server to complete its initialization...]
JAVA Memory arguments: -Xms256m -Xmx512m
WLS Start Mode=Development
*  To start WebLogic Server, use a username and   *
*  password assigned to an admin-level user.  For *
*  server administration, use the WebLogic Server *
*  console at http:\\hostname:port\console        *
starting weblogic with Java version:
<strong>Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.
Unrecognized option: -jrockit</strong>
Starting WLS with line:
Process exited.

Hm, ‘Unrecognized option: -jrockit‘, how’s that? I’m running Sun JDK!
Right at the beginning of the server start we see the command used to start the server (the path may be different on your system)
A look into this command shell reveals that another command shell script is called
In this script we find the problem

set BEA_JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17


if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Oracle" (
) else (
	if "%JAVA_VENDOR%"=="Sun" (
	) else (
		set JAVA_VENDOR=Oracle
		set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17

As you see hte BEA_JAVA_HOME is set and if you put an
before the if statement you see that the vendor is null. This sets the JAVA_HOME correct, but sets the JAVA_VENDOR to ‘Oracle’. This then adds the wrong option -jrockit to the command line later on in the startWebLogic.cmd script.

Now that we know that the solution is to make a small change to the
script. We only have to set the SUN_JAVA_HOME and set the JAVA_VENDOR to ‘Sun’


set SUN_JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17

After this change the embedded WLS server starts without a problem.

12 thoughts on “Installing JDeveloper from the Generic Installer Jar on 64bit Windows System

  1. PS – you can also use the exe installer, you just need to choose custom install & then at JDK choice, point it to your local preinstalled 1.7 JDK & uncheck the bundled 1.6. Cheers

    • It is not launching the Jdeveloper, The process starts for a second and then vanishes. Please suggest.

      • The Jdeveloper GUI when i click on it to launch it, it just vanishes and nothing happens.

      • If you are trying the exe installer, perhaps instead as per Timo’s post, try the jar installer, and use the -log=myinstall.log option. Make sure to use a valid 1.7 (or 1.6) JDK to run it.

      • I tried both the ways but nothing worked. 1.7 JDK is a valid one, which i downloaded from the oracle site. Is it some perm size parameters which i have to look for?

  2. BTW – thankyou Timo. Your post here has helped our organisation to discover how to replace the JDK & then upgrade the integrated WLS 10.3.5. DefaultDomain with a 10.3.6.. So with your help we now have JDev with default 1.7 JDK & integrated WLS 10.3.6. Domain 🙂

  3. The solution would be for Oracle to fix the problem — Updating the env file is a hack — and if for some reason you have problems and have to clean out the system directory, you have to fix the env file again

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