Bye, Bye Good Old OTN Forums

Starting May 3rd 2013 the good old OTN forum software get it’s desperately needed live-cell therapy. Only a few people know how the new forum software looks like and how it works (I’m none of them).

A couple of things are already known, e.g. some new terminology (spaces instead of forum), more colorful or modern (so better targeted for the facebook generation?), we hopefully get a search which really searches what we are looking for and performance should be better too. You can read for yourself on this OTN thread.

There are some things which are not clear to me, like how all the links posted in threads are handled. From the discussion in the thread above we learn that hopefully all links are migrated. Well, this reminds me when Oracle reorganized its websites. Nothing was reachable any more. There are still link which are broken, forcing us to dig deep in the WWW to get the information back. So let’s hope this will work this time.
However, this adds a lot of work to all the links which are stored in blogs and wikis pointing to interesting information in OTN threads. I’ll lose about 30% of my personal knowledge store and have to update some links here in this blog too.

I don’t want to start a new discussion about the dammed reward system (yes, the points are meant), as they do not alter the system at the moment. Interesting is that there are plans to get real-world rewards at some point in the future (do I get rich?:)).

For sentimental reasons I put a couple of screenshots of the old look and feel in this blog. In a couple of month or years, when dust has settled, we can look back at them and decide if the live-cell therapy has rescued the patient.

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