A (First) Day in New OTN Forums

As you may have noticed the long awaited upgrade of the Oracle OTN forum software has taken place over the weekend. I did not know what to expect from the upgrade (second one I gone through), other than the few comments from Sonya Barry in the Community Feedback Forum.

Well, in summary it could have been worse. My personal feeling is that it’s too colorful and overloaded. This may however change once we (I) know where to click and look to get what are looking for.

Today, the first day the new forum is visible, I had some trouble. The page didn’t load all the times, I could log in but the page did not reflect this, some times the page simply crashed.

Now after some time the login problem is solved. We can login and create new threads or answer them. Here, however Oracle need to do some fine tuning.
Right now I can’t find out which threads I’m participating. I have tried the e-mail notification, I follow the threads, which I have to do for every thread as I have not found the option ‘follow threads I’m participating’, but I don’t get a notification (mail or in the communications tab).

Once I found the list view (thanks to Shay how pointed it out) I’ve got the problem that I can’t jump to the last answer in the thread. I always have to start with the first post and scroll down to the last. This is not a big deal on a PC, but it’s quite an act on a smart phone.

Once you go to the next page (‘load more elements or click on the blue arrow beside the page number) in list view you can’t really see which page you are currently on.

If you answer a thread there is no ‘back to list of threads’ near the end of the post. You have to scroll back up and click the bread crumb to go back (OK, scroll all the way back up on my smart phone).

I’m missing some kind of help feature which helps to understand all the new features and icons which are around.

How to use the new editor in an efficient way, format code or quote part of a post (without switching the editor mode)?

How to setup some favorite ‘spaces’ which I read frequently?

I hope the next few days get us some more info how to best tweak the new software in a way we, the users, like to use it.


3 thoughts on “A (First) Day in New OTN Forums

  1. It is said that to adopt change, it takes little time. But what type of change it also matters. I have same feeling like u after visiting the forum. I am a frequent forum visitor but this time i totally got confused to see the forum. It is too complex to use. In my point of view previous forum was much better and user friendly. I hope Oracle will look at this problem.

  2. Hi

    I have a page in adf which displays data in the form of a UI table and a pie graph. Both the components use the same query and VO.
    But the problem is : the pie chart is not displaying all the data where in the UI table could display.

    Can anyone tell me if there is any limit of data to represent in pie graph of adf?

    Divya Sree.

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