JDeveloper 12c: Features we waited for

JDeveloper 12c has been made available today. As this is a major release it’s worth looking into the new feature list but I noticed some things we have ask for for a couple of month or years and which have been included in this version.

Splash Screen and Icon
Time to get something new to watch at! Fanzy new design with information on what is keeping JDev busy starting up. Well Done!
I like the new icon, RIP old coffee cup.

Yeah, JDev12c runs with JDK 1.7 under the hood!
The installer does not have the latest 1.7.0_25 on board, but still it comes bundled with 1.7.0_15.
The problems I had with running on JDK 1.7 are fixed (at least I had no problems till now).
By the way, if you run the generic installer you need to run it on JDK 1.7.0!

If a task flow is based on a task-flow-template you had to know this (and the functionality) in the 11.1.1.x versions as there was no visual hint for this. JDev12c now shows the task flow template as gray shaded task flow. Good work!

Menu Structure and Toolbars
First thing one notice is that the menu structure has been changed. Sample: menu items to open ‘Database’ view, ‘Application Server’ view and many others are now moved from the ‘View’ menu to the ‘Window’ menu.
The toolbars don’t contain all possible icons available, but now holds only the basic stuff. You can edit the toolbar like your are used to to in e.g. word (the old one!). What I have not found yet (and already missing it) is the ‘Ant’ icon which I used very often.

As it takes time to check out all new stuff I’ll update this post in the next days with new findings.

3 thoughts on “JDeveloper 12c: Features we waited for

  1. Maybe it is ‘worth’ not ‘worse’ from this line ‘As this is a major release it’s worse ‘…
    Got confused though so it maybe is just a minor typo perhaps.. πŸ™‚

    • Ups, that’s what happen if you a tablet and slide instead of type πŸ˜‰ thanks for pointing this out!

      • Your welcome! Keep on blogging please as I am one of your avid reader.. πŸ™‚

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