End of Year 2013 – What’s coming up 2014


The year 2013 is fast approaching its end. It was an extremely busy year for me, a couple of new projects needed my attention, other projects were finished (successful :)).

The German ADF Community (https://www.xing.com/net/adfcomm or https://twitter.com/ADFCommunityDE) opened from a partner community to everybody interested in sharing experience using ADF in all kind of projects. We had a well visited Hackers Event in January, the one day DOAG 2013 Development event in June, and the DOAG Conference in November and not to mention the ADF News Session, which are now called ADF Spot Light Sessions.

In Germany the ADF Community is growing and we are getting more and more interesting content and discussions. The ADF-EMG also gets more attention. Jack Flack is the new group moderator and doing his job very well, good luck John. We have to thank Chris Muir who did a great job as moderator of the ADF-EMG group.
The ADF G+ group Oracle JDeveloper, ADF & ADF Mobile was introduced late 2012 and has currently 982 (time of writing) members! Very impressive!
New members are welcome!

On the JDeveloper front we finally got the long awaited 12c version. It’s still not the big new version which has all parts (Mobile, SOA, BPM, …) in one IDE, but this will hopefully come soon. From the number of bugs found in the version it’s not too bad that we have to wait for the as this version has some of the nasty bugs fixed (https://java.net/jira/browse/ADFEMG).

So, what is to expect 2014?

The DOAG and the German ADF Community cater an ADF Bar Camp directly followed by an ADF Fitness Center.
The one day DOAG 2014 Development will be in Düsseldorf this year, a new attractive location which can easily be reached.

Do we see a new ADF Mobile version? New SOA? New BPM? New JDeveloper?
I think so, can’t be too long…

A final note on the OTN JDeveloper and ADF Forum:
I don’t know what Oracle is doing here. A big multinational corporation is not capable to come up with a working forum software. We all knew the old software could not be changed and had its bugs and breakdowns.
However, after installing the new software it we soon learned: new doesn’t mean better!
The users of the forum, or ‘space’ as it’s called nowadays, don’t get any information until they have found out themselves. No official statement (most of the time) on the things which have changes. This reminds me on the projects I participated which went very very wrong.
I hope Larry E. decides that not only the US Health Care needs help (is their web page running?), but the forum needs help from his best consultants too.

Wish you all a great and happy new year 2014!