Good News: ADF and IE11 working together again

Yesterday (Jan 15th, 2014) Oracle support came up with a patch for JDeveloper in concern of running ADF applications using IE11.
Form Article Id 1599898.1:

Below is a list with available patches for IE11 issues. The list will be updated once more patches become available. However this does NOT mean IE11 is certified but the patches allows you to access the application IE11:

patch 17236592 – IE11 SUPPORT: ADF APPS DON’T LOAD WITH IE11
Patch to avoid the popup shown above from appearing.

You need a support contract to get the patch.

3 thoughts on “Good News: ADF and IE11 working together again

  1. Jdeveloper, ADF Runtime, Weblogic 10.3.6.
    When apply patch 17236592 I got the same error (unsupported browsers). When try to apply patch 18277457 I have conflict with Sherman patch Update 2.
    Do you have solution for this configuration?(ie11)

      • The best solution in this situation is to rollback all patches and then to apply Patch 16546129: SHERMAN UPDATE4. After that apply Patch 18277436. You can then continue with applications development using JDeveloper, and
        For me it was new information, that you can apply Patch 16546129: SHERMAN UPDATE4 and work with all three versions of JDeveloper.

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