My Personal Bug Parade of JDev 12.1.2 fixed in JDev 12.1.3

Last week (June, 26th 2014) JDev 12.1.3 arrived, today (June, 30th 2014) the ADF Mobile Extension for 12.1.3 was published. You can get it via the menu Help->”Check for Updates…”
However, the first thing I did over the weekend was to check my personal bug parade.
In the list below you see the bugs and there status
UPDATE (July, 18th 2014): Added ADFEMG-118

Bug Status Info
af:poll with interval set to 5000 and timeout set to 5001 doesn’t stop polling after on roundtrip
OPEN The behavior has changed but still not as expected. You still get refresh events after the timeout.
JDeveloper can’t create af:tree or af:treetable on a jspx page
JDeveloper Completion Insight doesn’t show javadoc for ADF classes
OK without the ADF source code, which you can get filing a SR with (payed support contract needed), you only see a notice that ‘No ducumentation is available’ instead the api java doc.
JDeveloper Missing documentation for usage of ‘File Templates’
JDeveloper Completion Insight ‘ctrl-space’ doesn’t do a ‘Declaration Insert’
AttributeValues assigned to variables iterator loose their assigned iterator after clicking on other attribute values in the same pageDef
OK There are some hints that this bug is somehow not fixed for all circumstances. However, my test case works out OK. Whenever someone has a reproducible test case I reopen the bug. Please drop a note then.
JDeveloper Filter on af:table doesn’t show up if VO is only based on a SQL query
JDeveloper ViewCriteria editor behavior differs from 11g and generated SQL from VC is suboptimal
JDeveloper Property Inspector changes properties of not selected component
JDeveloper ViewObject with hidden bind variable in where clause crashes application module tester
JDeveloper af:inputFile with multiple files to upload duplicates files

Good work! Only one bug didn’t make it into the first 12.1.3 release!

Working through all the test cases was kind of fun. My impression of the product is that it’s stable and easy to use. OK, I had no time playing around with the new features. This will be my task in the next weeks. Stay tuned for more on JDeveloper 12.1.3.


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