Summary of day one Oracle Open World 2016

Day one, Sunday 18th September 2016, is reserved for Oracle User Forum, so it’s not the real start of the OOW which will be Larry Ellison’s keynote on Sunday afternoon.

Nevertheless, Sunday is full of interesting session. I tend to pick a main theme for this day to get at much info in the short time available.

This year I choose Microservices and SOA Cloud Service.

The first session I attended was about design pattern for the SOA Cloud Service by Arturo Viveros and Ronald van Luttikhuizen. They boiled down their experience doing SOA projects in well known design pattern (Design Patterns) which you can use if you are tasked with the same problem. They identified patterns like ‘publish/subscribe’ or ‘mediator’ and showed how to implement them in the SOA Cloud Service and other cloud services.

This was really interesting and useful.

Next session was about ‘Tips for mastering SOA Cloud Service’ by Robert van Mölken. He gave practical tips about things you should do and things you should better not do when provisioning the service, running it and writing or composing applications for it. A session with lots of practical info.

To round up the  Microservice/SOA theme I attend a session ‘Microservices and DevOps and Oracle Cloud: A Bright Future’ by Sai Janakiram Penumuru. Sai strongly advised to use micro services together with SOA Cloud Service.

The thing I remember best was the ‘definition’ of microservices he gave. He compared a microservice to Unix shell commands. A Unix shell command does one thing, but does it good. Multiple shell commands can be tied together to build something bigger (e.g. using the pipe symbol). This definition is intuitive 🙂

The remaining on the session he talked about how DevOps works and how the different Oracle Cloud Services supports this with the help of microservices.

The remaining of the day was reserved for networking and the OOW annual ACE dinner. This year the event held at the Chart House. Great food, great views!

Thanks to the ACE program for this great event.


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