JDeveloper First Impressions

Oracle released a new version of JDeveloper Release 2 aka on May 2nd, 2013. Great news as the planned update of the OTN forums has been postponed for four weeks. Think about a new version and no forum to ask questions!

Well, a look into the release notes reveals that there is not much new in this version beside a new version on the ADF Mobile development framework (1.1). This update gets us push notifications, file content display (Android), badging API support (iOS only), application archive support and infrastructure updates. These are performance enhancements, iPhone5 and iPad mini form factors support (needed for the iStore), migration of PhoneGap 1.0 to Cordova 2.2 and updated Xcode and Android SDK support.
I have not tested the new mobile stuff as I’m currently busy with other urgent stuff. Let’s take a close look to the new features of the version beside the mobile update:
Start of List

End of List
Yes there is no official new feature in this version, only bug fixes. However, the list of bug fixes can’t be found by clicking the link in the release notes, Somehow the link does not work (at least not for me). To find the list of fixed bugs click on the link for the bug fixes and scroll up a couple of pages.
Most fixes are for mobile, a couple of the fixes are for IE. Check the whole list at JDeveloper 11g Release 2 (
The JDK 1.7.0 bug (see issue ADFEMG-120). The backport did not make it into the version!
So you still have to run this version on a JDK 1.6.0. Be sure to install an JDK 1.6.0_35 or higher as you otherwise get an error

“Java version 1.6.0_24 not supported. The minimum version required is 1.6.0_35.”

For more information about this refer to this thread on the (still old) OTN forum.

To install the new ADF Runtime for a standalone WebLogic Server you need two patches which are only available via Oracle support. The patch numbers are 16273810 (ADF) and 16156149 (WebCenter). Both patches need to be applied. For detailed information on how to apply the patches read the release notes.

UPDATE 13-05-2013
Chris Muir pointed out that the issue with the bundeld JDK 1.6.0_24 has been fixed in the meantime.
Apparently I missed this information as it’s not made overly public. I knew Oracles worked on a fix for the JDK problem, but just adding a ‘.1’ to the build number,which is build 6436.1 now, did not get my attention. Checking the documentation did not reveal much more. First hint I found in the release notes:

Oracle JDeveloper and Application Development Framework 11g Release 2 ( is a minor update to For a list of new features in 11g Release 2, and specific customer bugs fixed in the update release see the What’s New document on OTN.

Note the versions mentioned? I’m not sure this is by intention, but further searching the release notes I found the info under the ‘Installation’ topic. It may help to add this info on the front page of the documentation.