Patch Numbers for ADF Runtime Libraries Update to

After the release of the new JDev version I ask support for the patch numbers for the ‘Sherman Update 2’, which seams to be the official name.
Support just answered my question:

The 2 patches are :


But I need confirmation if it can be installes on top of WLS
as from the crertification matrix it is only certified on top of WLS :
Oracle JDeveloper Certification Information

So lets hope we can somehow update the WLS 10.3.5 server with installed ‘Sherman Update 1’ 🙂

UPDATE May-10-2012:
Got this from support regarding upgrade of an existing WLS 10.3.5 server:

There was a confusion if could be installed on top of WLS as per the cerfification matrix is only certified for WLS

I got confirmation that ADF requires the Application Development Runtime libraries.
ADR can be installed on WLS 10.3.5 or WLS 10.3.6
So can be installed on top of WLS

UPDATE May-19-2012:

I got some more info about the possible upgrade path from Oracle I like to share:

Q1) Are the ADF ADF Runtimes certified against WLS 10.3.5?

Yes and we’ve updated the cert matrix to reflect this:

Q2) Is there a patchset to move from or to

No. As you’ve correctly identified, the only way is to install the Runtimes then apply the patch.

The release notes do highlight this fact, but do not mention that there isn’t a patch from to I’ll seek to get a clarification put in the release notes.

Q3) If is a patch on top of are all of the features available to

No. The patch overrides functionality in so customers should not assume this.

The answer to Q3) is probably the interesting one as it makes clear that even as we update from, we don’t get the features introduced with in JDev 😦
One other implication is that you can’t run applications from both versions on one WLS 10.3.6 server.

Follow up: Upgrading WLS 10.3.5 with ADF Runtime (Sherman Patch)

Since I published the article Upgrading WLS 10.3.5 with ADF Runtime (Sherman Patch) and filing a SR about the documentation error, Oracle has put up a note in MOS (Note 1328698.1 “How To Install the ADF Runtime Libraries 11g Release 2 ( in WebLogic Sever 10.3.5”) to clarify how to upgrade your WLS server.
In short you have to install two patches (12611176 and 12556632) before running the “upgradeADF(‘YOUR_DOMAIN_HOME’)” wlst command from ‘/oracle_common/common/bin/’.
Great, this could have saved my last weekend…

Upgrading WLS 10.3.5 with ADF Runtime (Sherman Patch)

A couple of weeks ago Oracle released JDeveloper with many new features we all waited for.
Great news … but wait, what to do with your running test, QS and production environment. As usual I assumed a new WLS to use with the new JDev. However, this time Oracle did not ship a new WLS but olny a patch (patch 12611176), which is only available if you have a valid support contract. This patch upgrades an existing WLS 10.3.5 with the new ADF Runtime
We are using Windows 7 64bit for our development PC and a Linux box for the WLS. Currently we are on jdev and WLS 10.3.4. The task to do is the upgrade to Here are the steps:

  1. update WLS 10.3.4 to WLS 10.3.5 (or do a fresh install if you like, doesn’t take more time). This is necessary as the patch requires WLS 10.3.5
  2. install ADF Runtime on the WLS 10.3.5
  3. check the WLS 10.3.5 installation using JDev, check if Enterprise Manager (EM) is running
  4. load patch 12611176 from mos and read the instructions how to apply the patch
  5. apply the patch
  6. test the patch installation using JDev, check if EM is running

This blog entry deals manly with the last two point in the list. The other points are documented well and it shouldn’t be a problem to do them.
After loading the patch and reading the instructions from the patch file, I installed the patch. This all was pretty straight forward, installation was OK.
After starting the WLS I noticed that the EM was not running. A look into the AdminSever log showed


A close look at the stacktrace shows a ClassNotFoundException. A search for the missing class reveals that it’s from the A JSF2.0 library

         Search for missing class

This clearly suggests that the new ADF runtime libs are not present in the WLS 10.3.5. Well, John Stegeman mentioned in a twitter entry that he too had the problem that the EM did not start after upgrading to and filed a SR for this (this resulted in Bug 12691349). At the time I testes this the bug was not jet published. So I tried many different ways to install the patch and get EM working which all resulted in the above stacktrace:

  • update WLS 10.3.4 to WLS 10.3.5; install ADF Runtime with EM installed; install patch
  • update WLS 10.3.4 to WLS 10.3.5; install ADF Runtime without EM installed; install patch; install EM
  • Fresh install of WLS 10.3.5; install ADF Runtime with EM installed; install patch
  • Fresh install of WLS 10.3.5; install ADF Runtime without EM installed; install patch; install EM

After rereading all available information about how to apply the patch again and the now available bug on MOS, I noticed one difference. The ‘README.TXT’ for the patch, after which I applied the patch, did not mention the need of executing a wlst command ‘upgradeADF’. The bug on MOS stated calling the ‘upgradeADF’ command as a possible cause of the bug.
The information about the command is only given in the ‘Release Notes for’ in the ‘Deployment’ section.

In the end I used the following method: fresh install of WLS 10.3.5; install ADF Runtime with EM installed; install patch
OK, so lets execute the ‘upgradeADF’ command. Here you have to be careful which wlst installation you use for the command.
The WLS server has it’s own wlst command interpreter installed at ‘$MW_HOME/wlserver_10.3/common/bin/’ whereas the patch installed a second on at ‘$MW_HOME/oracel_common/common/bin/’.
Using the first will throw errors like you see in the next picture:

         Error running wlst from false path

After running the wlst command ‘upgradeADF’ from the correct path ‘$MW_HOME/oracel_common/common/bin/’ and restarting all servers the result look like:

         Running WLS 10.3.5 with Sherman Patch

As you can see the EM is up and running. Note also that two JSF versions are running (1.2 and 2.0).

It looks like the bug John posted is dependent on the environment, as he uses a WIN 7 64bit installation whereas I’m using a Linux box. Still I would like Oracle to make clear in the patch documentation ‘README.TXT’ that you have to run ‘upgradeADF’ from the right location to get the patch installed properly.