JDeveloper is out


Today October, 19th 2016 JDeveloper was released. From the first look at it it’s only a maintenance release.  There is currently no ‘What’s new’ document, only a release notes are available.

The release notes show only some bug fixes and some deprecation. Noteworthy are some changes in the REST runtime. One of them is that ADF REST HTTP PUT is deprecated functionality. From the doc

ADF REST HTTP PUT is deprecated functionality

Oracle has deprecated the functionality for executing HTTP PUT methods on ADF REST resource requests. In the current release, the describe for ADF REST resources continues to display PUT actions when the backing view object has the Update operation enabled (the operation enables both PUT and PATCH methods); however, ADF REST service clients should avoid making PUT requests (replace all items of the view row) as this functionality will be desupported in a future release

Another change in the REST department is that adf date and datetime attributes are no longer described as string but as date and datetime. Interesting if you work with ADFbc and Oracle JET.

There are some other small bug fixes and deprecation’s of oracle.domain data types and the dvt:stockGraph. You should use dvt:stockChart instead.

Let’s wait if Oracle releases an ‘What’s new’ document in hte near (?) future which will spear us some time searching for new stuff 🙂

Problem Installing MAF on WIN 7 64bit System


The documentation states that installing JDeveloper 12.1.3 on a Windows 7 system (32 or 64) requires administrators rights (Select an Installation User). This is a known fact.
A side effect on my Windows box was, that installing ‘Mobile Application Framework’ (MAF) failed. When I tried installing MAF on my Win 7 laptop via ‘Check for updates’ and confirming the dialog which ask for a restart of JDeveloper, it never came back on. Using the task manager, it turned out that JDeveloper started but that there are other processes waiting for something.
Using some System Internal’s tools I found out that Jdev started opatch to install a needed patch before applying the MAF extension. As the processes are started from Jdev internally, it’s kind of hard to find out the real problem. Readings the doc and searching the file system found a log file, opatch writes into the opatch log folder. The information from this log is that opatch can’t lock or create a folder needed for internal use.

[04.07.2014 19:49:58]        OUI-67064:OPatchSession kann den Bestand für das angegebene Oracle-Standardverzeichnis nicht laden R:\JAVA\12130~1.0\ORACLE\MIDDLE~1. Mögliche Ursachen sind:
                                Keine Lese- oder Schreibberechtigung für ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
                                Zentrales Bestandsverzeichnis ist von einer anderen OUI Instance gesperrt
                                Keine Leseberechtigung für zentrales Bestandsverzeichnis
                                Die Lock-Datei ist in ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage vorhanden
                                Das Oracle-Standardverzeichnis ist in dem zentralen Bestandsverzeichnis nicht vorhanden
[04.07.2014 19:49:58]        OPatch will clean up 'scratch,backup' directories.

Here is the english message

[04.07.2014 19:57:34]       OUI-67064:OPatchSession cannot load inventory for the given Oracle Home R:\JAVA\12130~1.0\ORACLE\MIDDLE~1. Possible causes are:
                                No read or write permission to ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
                                Central Inventory is locked by another OUI instance
                                No read permission to Central Inventory
                                The lock file exists in ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
                                The Oracle Home does not exist in Central Inventory

The problem is that installing Jdev as administrator put rights onto the file system (Understanding User Permissions) which prevents creating and locking the folder for the normal use running Jdev. This fact can be found in the doc too

When managing a product installation (for example, applying patches, or starting Managed Servers), you must use the same user ID as was used to perform the initial product installation.

To fix the problem start Jdev as administrator and the installation of the MAF extension should work.

JDev 12.1.3 Reorder Fields in Query Panel Clarification


Reading the ‘What’s new in this release’ document, I found

Reorder Fields in Query. Added ability to reorder fields in Query search panel.

I thought that we now can change the order of the fields in the af:query component at design time, like in an af:gridLayout, and started searching the documentation.
Sadly it turned out that this is not a design time option, as I thought, but a run time option!
This is documented at ‘33.2 Creating Query Search Forms’. Below you see the images from a query in advanced mode with the reorder button (down right) and the reorder dialog.

To reorder the fields at design time you can only use the technique blogged by Luc Bors ADF 11g: Change attribute order in query component

Free Event on ADF Mobile in Germany: ‘Going Mobile – auf Geschäftsanwendungen zugreifen – mit Oracle ADF Mobile’


English message follows!

Oracle hält einen kostenlosen 1 Tages Hands on Workshop zum Thema “Going Mobile – auf Geschäftsanwendungen zugreifen – mit Oracle ADF Mobile” in Frankfurt-Dreieich ab. Dies ist sicher interessant für alle ADF Mobile Entwickler, die auf dem neusten Stand der Technik bleiben Wollen. Meldet Euch an, die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt.
Weitere Informationen findet man unter den im Quote angegebenen Links.

START English Message
Oracle holds a free ADF Mobile 1 day Hands-On workshop in Frankfurt, Germany on 2nd, June 2014. If you like to learn about ‘Going Mobile – auf Geschäftsanwendungen zugreifen – mit Oracle ADF Mobile‘ the event is for you. Please register as soon as possible as the number of attendees is restricted.

The event is held in German language!
END English Message

Going Mobile – auf Geschäftsanwendungen zugreifen – mit Oracle ADF Mobile – 1 Tages Hands on Workshop
Immer häufiger gibt es die Anforderungen aus den Fachabteilungen wie Vertrieb oder Logistik, auch vom Tablet oder Smartphone auf existierende Anwendungen wie CRM oder ERP zugreifen zu wollen.
Mittels Oracle ADF Mobile können Sie dies schnell umsetzen. Entwickler mit Java oder ADF Kentnissen können ihr Wissen sofort einbringen.
Aber auch Entwickler ohne Programmierkenntnisse können Oracle Mobile sofort produktiv nutzen.
In diesem Hands-On Workshop erlernen Sie das Basiswissen zum Umgang mit den Oracle Technologien Oracle ADF Mobile sowie dem JDeveloper und Weblogic Server. Sie werden im Workshop eine mobile Anwendung entwickeln und auf Ihrem Smartphone oder Tablet (Android, iOS) ablauffähig installieren.
Mehr zu Oracle Mobile auf dieser Seite.

Zeit: 2. Juli 2014 – Beginn 10:00h – Ende: 17:00h
Ort der Veranstaltung:
Oracle Deutschland B.V. & Co KG
Robert-Bosch-Straße 5
63303 Dreieich
Anmeldelink hier. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt.
Systemvoraussetzungen für den Workshop finden Sie hier.

JDev and IE11 Patches are finally available for all ‘current’ versions


[UPDATE 2014-03-07] added correct patch number for JDev

Since February 25th 2014 the missing patch for JDev to make ADF application work with IE11 has arrived. In OTN forum thread https://community.oracle.com/thread/2624119 you find the details of the delay.
The patch for has Id 18091042
The patches for the other versions are mentioned in doc ID 1599898.1. The document itself is a bit outdated as the patch for JDev 12.1.2 is missing in the doc.
Here is the summary of the available patches:

    patch 18277457 – MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 17236592 18176711
    patch 17236592 – IE11 SUPPORT: ADF APPS DON’T LOAD WITH IE11 Superseded by patch 18277457
    patch 18277370 – MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 18071063 18176711
    patch 18071063 – MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 17236592 17672146 17723555 17723794 Superceded by patch 18277370
    patch 17236592 – IE11 SUPPORT: ADF APPS DON’T LOAD WITH IE11 Superceded by patch 18071063
    patch 18436342 – MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 17236592 17672146 17723555 17723794
    Patch 18277436: MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 18070879 18176711
    patch 18091042 – MERGE REQUEST ON TOP OF FOR BUGS 17236592 17663878 17672146 17723555

Good News: ADF and IE11 working together again


Yesterday (Jan 15th, 2014) Oracle support came up with a patch for JDeveloper in concern of running ADF applications using IE11.
Form Article Id 1599898.1:

Below is a list with available patches for IE11 issues. The list will be updated once more patches become available. However this does NOT mean IE11 is certified but the patches allows you to access the application IE11:

patch 17236592 – IE11 SUPPORT: ADF APPS DON’T LOAD WITH IE11
Patch to avoid the popup shown above from appearing.

You need a support contract to get the patch.

End of Year 2013 – What’s coming up 2014


The year 2013 is fast approaching its end. It was an extremely busy year for me, a couple of new projects needed my attention, other projects were finished (successful :)).

The German ADF Community (https://www.xing.com/net/adfcomm or https://twitter.com/ADFCommunityDE) opened from a partner community to everybody interested in sharing experience using ADF in all kind of projects. We had a well visited Hackers Event in January, the one day DOAG 2013 Development event in June, and the DOAG Conference in November and not to mention the ADF News Session, which are now called ADF Spot Light Sessions.

In Germany the ADF Community is growing and we are getting more and more interesting content and discussions. The ADF-EMG also gets more attention. Jack Flack is the new group moderator and doing his job very well, good luck John. We have to thank Chris Muir who did a great job as moderator of the ADF-EMG group.
The ADF G+ group Oracle JDeveloper, ADF & ADF Mobile was introduced late 2012 and has currently 982 (time of writing) members! Very impressive!
New members are welcome!

On the JDeveloper front we finally got the long awaited 12c version. It’s still not the big new version which has all parts (Mobile, SOA, BPM, …) in one IDE, but this will hopefully come soon. From the number of bugs found in the version it’s not too bad that we have to wait for the as this version has some of the nasty bugs fixed (https://java.net/jira/browse/ADFEMG).

So, what is to expect 2014?

The DOAG and the German ADF Community cater an ADF Bar Camp directly followed by an ADF Fitness Center.
The one day DOAG 2014 Development will be in Düsseldorf this year, a new attractive location which can easily be reached.

Do we see a new ADF Mobile version? New SOA? New BPM? New JDeveloper?
I think so, can’t be too long…

A final note on the OTN JDeveloper and ADF Forum:
I don’t know what Oracle is doing here. A big multinational corporation is not capable to come up with a working forum software. We all knew the old software could not be changed and had its bugs and breakdowns.
However, after installing the new software it we soon learned: new doesn’t mean better!
The users of the forum, or ‘space’ as it’s called nowadays, don’t get any information until they have found out themselves. No official statement (most of the time) on the things which have changes. This reminds me on the projects I participated which went very very wrong.
I hope Larry E. decides that not only the US Health Care needs help (is their web page running?), but the forum needs help from his best consultants too.

Wish you all a great and happy new year 2014!

DOAG 2013


I’m on my way to #DOAG2013 in Nürnberg, Germany, right now and have time to write this short blog about the next couple of days at DOAG in Nürnberg.

The final touches on the demos for my sessions are done 🙂

If you are attending #DOAG2013 please visit my session about using dynamic pivot tables on Tuesday, 19th, 10 am and my other session on implementing a big application using the pillar architecture on Tuesday, 19th, 3 pm.

In the meantime you may want to visit the German ADF Community also Tuesday 19th 2pm right on the #DOAG2013 ground. To make the day a real productive one finish with attending the Forms and ADF Expert Panel Tuesday, 19th, 5pm. Here you can gather useful information and ask questions directly to experts (and product managers which I assume are experts).

Wednesday is the day of ADF Mobile, at least for me. Let’s see how ADF Mobile has developed since last year. I couldn’t spend time to look into mobile development deeply. Hope that I have a chance this year. DOAG is the right way to gather information and get up to speed with mobile development.

The third and final day i’ve not decided, but it looks like room hopping to get some sessions on SOA, BI and other middleware stuff.

JDeveloper 12c Available


Today JDeveloper 12c has gone public 🙂
We waited long for the new major release of JDeveloper, finally it’s there JDeveloper 12c. It comes with an impressive long list of new features which takes some time to read and digest.
The size of the installation package is huge (about 1.8 GB), so you have time to study the list of new features.
You should watch the demos of 12c, which are impressive fast. Let’s hope they show real time starting of the new integrated WebLogic Server.

It’ll take some time to go through the new features, so stayed tuned for more about JDeveloper 12c!

UPDATE 11/07/2013 14:00
The documentation is now available at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/documentation/index.html
And the new reference demo Summit ADF

A (First) Day in New OTN Forums


As you may have noticed the long awaited upgrade of the Oracle OTN forum software has taken place over the weekend. I did not know what to expect from the upgrade (second one I gone through), other than the few comments from Sonya Barry in the Community Feedback Forum.

Well, in summary it could have been worse. My personal feeling is that it’s too colorful and overloaded. This may however change once we (I) know where to click and look to get what are looking for.

Today, the first day the new forum is visible, I had some trouble. The page didn’t load all the times, I could log in but the page did not reflect this, some times the page simply crashed.

Now after some time the login problem is solved. We can login and create new threads or answer them. Here, however Oracle need to do some fine tuning.
Right now I can’t find out which threads I’m participating. I have tried the e-mail notification, I follow the threads, which I have to do for every thread as I have not found the option ‘follow threads I’m participating’, but I don’t get a notification (mail or in the communications tab).

Once I found the list view (thanks to Shay how pointed it out) I’ve got the problem that I can’t jump to the last answer in the thread. I always have to start with the first post and scroll down to the last. This is not a big deal on a PC, but it’s quite an act on a smart phone.

Once you go to the next page (‘load more elements or click on the blue arrow beside the page number) in list view you can’t really see which page you are currently on.

If you answer a thread there is no ‘back to list of threads’ near the end of the post. You have to scroll back up and click the bread crumb to go back (OK, scroll all the way back up on my smart phone).

I’m missing some kind of help feature which helps to understand all the new features and icons which are around.

How to use the new editor in an efficient way, format code or quote part of a post (without switching the editor mode)?

How to setup some favorite ‘spaces’ which I read frequently?

I hope the next few days get us some more info how to best tweak the new software in a way we, the users, like to use it.