Timo Hahn
I’m a principal consultant for virtual7 GmbH and work as developer and architect for Java and J2EE applications. Since 2004 I’m working with Oracle tools, starting with JDeveloper on Struts based web application using BC4J JBO Tags, BC4J business components and Oracle DB 10g up to JDeveloper 12.1.2 using ADF Rich Faces and the full ADF technology stack and web services.
I’m an active member of the OTN JDeveloper forum and blog on Oracle, JSF and ADF in special (https://tompeez.wordpress.com).
In the local German ADF Community (a group of Oracle partners that strive for improving ADF and FMW sales in Germany and other German speaking countries) I’m an active participant.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi sir,
    I am new in adf,I have a problem that I want to run my web application from anywhere by using a url.what would I do?please tell me a solution for this…..

  2. I want to validate time in AM/PM format.if from date and to date are same then I need to check from_time & to_time based on AM/PM.

    from_time:10 am
    to_time:11 am
    it should display error because when I enter 10am value on from_time,to_time field can’t be 11am on the same day.it should display error.I want validation for this problem.

  3. Hi Timo Hahn,

    I needed some help regarding an edit screen that i am developing as a post production enhancement to a codebase running on SOA10g and deployed on OC4J.
    Please let me know your contact details for the same.

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