Dump VO query and it’s parameter with their values

Based on a request on JDeveloper and ADF forum I wrote a small method to dump the query of a VO together with it’s bind variables (autom. inserted by the framework and user defined) and their values.
The method below gets the query in it’s actual state, checks the variables and dumps their names and values. I’m using a simple ‘System.out.println’ to dump the information for simplicity. If you like to use the method in a more general way (e.g. in a base class) I would recommend to use a ADFLogger. See Duncan Mills bloghere

    public void dumpQueryAndParameters()
        // get the query in it's current state
        String lQuery = getQuery();
        //get Valriables
        VariableValueManager lEnsureVariableManager = ensureVariableManager();
        Variable[] lVariables = lEnsureVariableManager.getVariables();
        int lCount = lEnsureVariableManager.getVariableCount();
        // Dump query
        System.out.println("---query--- " + lQuery);
        // if variables found dump them
        if (lCount > 0)
            for (int ii = 0; ii < lCount; ii++)
                Object lObject = lEnsureVariableManager.getVariableValue(lVariables[ii]);
                System.out.println("  --- Name: " + lVariables[ii].getName() + " Value: " +
                                   (lObject != null ?  lObject.toString() : "null"));

You can overwrite the executeQuery() method of the ViewObjectImpl class and call the method above like

    public void executeQuery()

Executing a Query you should see output like

---query--- SELECT Employees.EMPLOYEE_ID,         Employees.FIRST_NAME,         Employees.LAST_NAME,         Employees.EMAIL,         Employees.PHONE_NUMBER,         Employees.HIRE_DATE,         Employees.JOB_ID,         Employees.SALARY,         Employees.COMMISSION_PCT,         Employees.MANAGER_ID,         Employees.DEPARTMENT_ID FROM EMPLOYEES Employees WHERE ( ( (Employees.LAST_NAME LIKE ( :vc_temp_1 || '%') ) ) )
  --- Name: vc_temp_1 Value: gr%
  --- Name: bindHireDate Value: null

The nice part of this method is that it dumps user defined bind variables as well as automatically added variables by the framework. In the output above vc_temp_1 is a variable of a filter entered in an af:table component.


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