JDeveloper Versions vs. Weblogic Server Versions

UPDATE 21-Dec-2012: added info for JDev 11.1.2.x running on WLS 10.3.5 to match the Certification Matrix
UPDATE 29-Nov-2012: added note for new JDev Build 6229 released Nov-2012
UPDATE 13-Jul-2013: added info for JDev 12c released 10-Jul-2013
UPDATE 26-Jun-2014: added info for JDev 12cR1 (12.1.3) released 26-Jun-2014

The last couple of days more people are trying to run ADF applications build with JDeveloper of version X on a Weblogic Server with a different ADF Runtime version Y installed.

To make it clear, this will not work!

You need to make sure that the ADF Runtime versions of  JDeveloper and Weblogic Server match. Next thing is that you can’t install the ADF Runtime on any Weblogic Server you like. The ADF Runtime will only work with a specific Weblogic Server. As each JDeveloper version comes with its own ADF Runtime version, there is a direct connection between JDeveloper and Weblogic Server.

To help you to use the right combination use the below table:

JDeveloper (ADF Runtime) Weblogic Server Info 10.3.2 10.3.3 10.3.4 10.3.5 10.3.5, 10.3.6 Integrated WLS is 10.3.5, stand alone WLS can be 10.3.5 or 10.3.6 (see Chris Muir on adf runtime
Important Note: there are two releses of JDev out. The first one release Feb 2012 (Build 6192.1) and the second one Nov 2012 (Build 6229). Both use the same ‘ADF Runtime Installation’ so there in no new ‘ADF Runtime’ installation available or needed. Read Release Notes for more information on this. 10.3.5, 10.3.6 Integrated WLS is 10.3.5, stand alone WLS can be 10.3.5 or 10.3.6 (see Chris Muir on adf runtime 10.3.5 + Sherman patch Only available via MOS: patch  #12611176 and  patch #12556632; requires ADF 11.1.2.x patches onto Application Development Runtime 10.3.5 + Sherman patch UPDATE1 Only available via MOS: patch #12979653 and patch #12917525; requires ADF 11.1.2.x patches onto Application Development Runtime 10.3.5 + Sherman patch UPDATE2; 10.3.6 + Sherman patch UPDATE2 Only available via MOS: patch #13656274 and patch #13656372 (see Patch Numbers for ADF Runtime Libraries Update to for more info); running on WLS10.3.5 requires ADF 11.1.2.x patches onto Application Development Runtime 10.3.5 + Sherman patch UPDATE3; 10.3.6 + Sherman patch UPDATE3 Only available via MOS: patch #14582286 (ADF) and patch #14582309 (WebCenter); running on WLS10.3.5 requires ADF 11.1.2.x patches onto Application Development Runtime 10.3.5 + Sherman patch UPDATE4; 10.3.6 + Sherman patch UPDATE4 Only available via MOS: patch #16546129 (ADF) and patch #16546157 (WebCenter); running on WLS10.3.5 requires ADF 11.1.2.x patches onto Application Development Runtime WLS 10.3.5+ can be used if no ADF is used in the application!
Running a standalone WLS12. needs a Oracle DB, Oracle DB or Oracle DB WLS 10.3.5+ can be used if no ADF is used in the application!
Running a standalone WLS12. needs a Oracle DB, Oracle DB or Oracle DB

There is no backward or forward compatibility!

You don’t need to try, I’ve tested most but not all combinations and run into trouble whenever I mixed versions.

For my tests I used used a small ADF application based on the HR schema.The UI consists of an af:query with a panelCollection for the result table and abounded task flow for editing a row in a popup.

The application was build on JDeveloper under Window 7, the resulting ear file was deployed (using the WLS console) on the Weblogic Server on a Linux box.

The ADF Runtime  installed on the WLS was downloaded from here. The WLS  installed on the Linux box was downloaded from here. I used the “Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5) + Coherence – Package Installer” and installed the WLS without  Coherence. After installing WLS the ADF Runtime installation was applied.

46 thoughts on “JDeveloper Versions vs. Weblogic Server Versions

  1. Hello.

    Thanks for your post.

    Maybe you can help me.

    I have developed an adf application with JDeveloper It works fine in my stand alone weblogic server. I deploy it in other environment and I run the application. When i click on a button, a javascript error is raised in line 6219.

    This error happens only with IE7 and with security roles. The javascript debugger shows the error in line 6219 of the sherman.js.

    Is this error in sherman.js related with the Sherman patch with IE7?

    Thanks in advantaje.

    • Hi,
      sorry, I can’t help here. If you see this error only with IE7 I assume that this is a bug which you should report to support. From the certification matrix I see that IE7 is certified, so it should work.
      You can try out the newer JDev with out app and see if the error reproduces then.


  2. Dear Timo,

    you are right, and it was a mistake to forget adding the original author credits in the blog post, i added the credit to you as

    “Credits goes to original author Timo Hahn at his post.” and linked your original post.

    sorry for that mistake.

  3. Hi !!!, I m new in JDeveloper and Fusion Middleware, I made a aplication build in JDeveloper in windows 7 , and I installed standalone WLS 10.3.5 in a another PC with Linux OS. Then the question is :

    How I can deploy my ADF Aplication to standalone WLS ? Do I need any Libraries ?


  4. Timo,
    You answered one of my questions on https://forums.oracle.com/forums/message.jspa?messageID=10499211#10499211

    I tried installing the patches #13656274 and patch #13656372, the first successful, the second not — I do not have ORACLE WEBCENTER PORTAL installed. I am kind of operating in the dark. I have been told to install both, but was not told to install webcenter first, and don’t know if I need to….

    I need to concentrate on learning other things, this is kind of a last ditch effort to get this running… It would be really nice to be able to say Yes, I got a deployment to work to a future employer….but so far that ain’t happening!


    • Stuart,
      You need both patches. I’m not aware of any particularly order they have to be installed, but never tested this either. If you run into an error installing one of them you should carefully read the error message. Most of the time you’ll need to load an newer oPatch version from support. If this doesn’t solve your problem your best chance is to ask support for help.


  5. Hi Timo,
    I am a member of a development team which develops a web app using ADF. We currently use JDeveloper for development. There is a bug which is fixed by Oracle and available in JDeveloper
    Here are our applications other details,
    Oracle Weblogic Server Version  (EM) Enterprise Edition for SLES 64 bit (release 2 patch set)
    Java Version JDK 6 Update 24
    Oracle JDeveloper Version 64 bit
    LDAP Version 64 bit
    Report Server Version 64 bit
    Application Development Framework (ADF) Version runtime 64 bit
    There are two clients went live with this project. So it is a serious thing to change the JDeveloper version. What are my posibilities?
    Please advise.

    Regards !

    • Well, you can file an SR and ask for a back port of the fix to you version, our you update to the version which has the fix.
      If you update you have to test the app on the new version. Next you have to upgrade other apps to the new version, and yet them, if you don’t want to end up with two server versions in production.


  6. Hello Timo,

    great post. I have a doubt about one-off patches. If I install a patch in my Oracle home where my JDeveloper is installed, I need also to apply this patch to my weblogic application server?


  7. Hi Timo,

    Thanks for your post. We are in the descion point of using what versions of Jdev and WLS. Currently, we are using Jdev 11.1.2 and WLS 10.3.6 ( we couldn’t deploy ADF application to the server). The company only approves Jdev 11.1.2 and My question is if we use Jdev and WLS 10.3.5, does WLS 10.3.5 need patches on it since I don’t see that on your table? Thank you very much for your advice in advance.


  8. fyi

    Once installed, at some point determining which version has been installed could become relevant …

    see https://tompeez.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/adf-how-to-find-out-which-adf-version-is-installed-on-a-manged-weblogic-server/

    see https://java.net/jira/browse/ADFEMG-112 about “ER 12834041 : ADF RUNTIME LIBRARIES DON’T SHOW THE CORRECT VERSION NUMBERS IN WLS CONFIG.XML”
    with the suggestion to try using “ADFLibrariesVersionsApp.ear”
    available in http://www.consideringred.com/files/oracle/2012/ADFLibrariesVersionsApp-v0.01.zip

    Jan Vervecken

    • Jan, this is one more solution to the problem. It gives more info than my web service!
      Well done!
      Thanks for sharing.


  9. Hi,
    I have developed an adf application using jdeveloper and I need to install the application in weblogic server 10.3.6 which is in Linux box. Do, I need to install any patches in Weblogic server 10.3.6.

    • Yes, check the table in the post it telly you that you have to install the ADR for and after that you have to install the two patches mentioned in the table-

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  13. Hi Timo,

    How about installing the two diff. ADF runtimes on the same WL server ?
    I have installed ADF, now I want to install on the same WL, in order to run app, is this possible and how ?

  14. Hi Timo,

    I have a situation where I have an application developed in ADF and another application developed in ADF I have WLS 10.3.6 installed.

    Now on this WLS 10.3.6, if I apply patch to upgrade the server to and then another patch on the same server for upgrading to
    Is that possible to upgrade WLS to 2 different versions?
    Will the upgraded WLS supports both the applications & to run?

    Please provide your suggestions on this situation.

    Thank in advance.

    • No, this won’t work. You can only install one adf runtime to the server. The next one will overwrite all our at least parts of the first installation. As the is no uninstall script for the adf runtime you can’t even guarantee that the second installation will run OK.

      • Timo,
        Thanks for your response. Please elaborate on this.

        Let me frame this way. As per the details given in the above table, to install patch it requires ADR So lets say I have installed ADR on WLS 10.3.6.
        Then I will run the patch to upgrade the WLS to Now it should be supporting the JDev applications.
        After that I will run a patch on the same WLS to upgrade it to

        Now please tell me which all JDev version applications will be supported on this server?

        Please let me know your valuable suggestions.


      • Only the last installed adf runtime Version is supported. There is no backwards compatibility to any other version!

  15. Hello Tim

    I’m confusing about ADF upgrading.
    I have to upgrade ADF from to (on WLS 10.3.6).

    So please describe about how I need to do for this.
    Can I apply patch to and then , or I have to do more about exeisting version
    such as uninstall current version and install ADR then apply ADF patch.

    I have some idea but I’m confusing with step to do.

    Please help , Thanks so much.

      • To my knowledge there is no update path from to any other version. The official path is to install first and then upgrade to the target version As there is no uninstall routine this is the only way.
        You can try to install the ADF Runtime above the already installed, but there is no guarantee that this will work out.

  16. Hi Timo
    I installed standalone weblogic server on windows server 2008 enterprise 64bits according to the following:
    – JDK 7 64bits.
    – WLS 10.3.6 generic 64 bits.
    – OFM ADF 11.1.1,6.
    – Configuring the admin and managed servers.
    – applied the patches to ADF version)
    – Run WLST upgradeADF command

    I can deploy my application on the server properly and there is no problem, but the em and oracle.webcenter.composer libraries failed to start exactly after running upgradeADF command. In the other words after the two version of jsf (jsf-1.2.9 and jsf-2.0) deployed on the server.
    The same sing happen when i tried the installation on windows 2003 64bits.
    When I rereplyed the oracle.webcenter.composer from archive (the old version) it works, but em still showing status failed.

    any suggestion
    best regards

    • You can’t do this. WebCenter needs or adf runtime. If you installed this will not work.


      • Thank you Timo for your reply, and i followed the step by step installtion to run as mentioned above but em and oracle.webcenter.composer failed to start. I worked around this issue for a week but there is no progress and hopefully you may find a solution for me and all other facing the same problem.

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